Project FATS

Get over it!

Many a time challenges in business growth occur due to a gap between the actual image and perceived image of your brand. The need is to bridge the gap. To build a bridge that will help you achieve the expected business reputation that you wish for. Something which we at Way Forward call as FATS.

Does any of the following or similar cases makes you exclaim ‘’Exactly’’?

  • Even after having the capability, and after numerous follow-ups, one still doesn’t get a positive response.
  • You are a regular supplier for an MNC. The client is happy. But ‘BIG’ orders are still elusive.
  • ~ There is a top-class product, which is unique in every manner, but the response from the market is not as expected.
  • Due efforts are invested into road maps, searching for skilled talent. But moral is are low and attrition is high.


What is it exactly?

Well it is actually the opposite, if you think FATS is related to actual fat. It is not. FATS stands for From Anybody To Somebody.  

To be known as somebody is what everyone, be it an individual or be it a business, always wish for. Project FATS is exactly all about the journey to become Somebody from the cluttered rest of Anybody. 

Why should you consider Project FATS?

Because it is a systematic approach, based on the fundamentals of brand building. It is the way forward towards creating the desired image of your brand into your customer’s mind. It gives your current and prospective customers a point of view to look at your offering –In one line, it is what you desire brand to be.

How does it work?

The very first step, before we get into the deep diving to the root challenge and future plans, is to do an audit. We take a review of the activities and initiatives taken so far and current stage of the brand. In other words, understanding of where does the brand stand as of today. We then get into redeveloping or modifying internal and external communication, from the brand positioning perspective. This synergises the tonality and look and feel of the communication across all levels.

While these basics are getting in place, we simultaneously initiate the process of defining the most effective online and offline mediums and set of activities that contribute to the project and add value to the brand. 

Project FATS is thoughtfully crafted program that delivers the desired outcome as it progresses. The changed image not only helps the brand establish itself, it also elevates the brand in such a manner that prospective clients also starts taking notice.

Get on to Project FATS and get over it!

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