Pre-start up offerings

We are investing.

By ‘investing’ we mean  packaging your business idea in a smart way that helps you sail through the ‘shark tanks’ smoothly, and also help you build the brand personality for your business idea right from the concept level 

In the life of about 25 Years in branding and communication, we have worked on numerous categories, ventures, and launches, and have witnessed successes and failures, ups and downs. Our collective learning has helped us develop a holistic perspective to ‘scan’ through the scope and potential of ideas and products. 

Being a part of creative industry, we have developed our parameters of evaluating and appreciating an idea that really stands out. And so, we are open and ready to invest our expertise in the idea in some way. We propose to help you in articulating your ideas in such a way that it would be hard for the investor to ignore your proposal. 

Any brilliant idea is always fragile and on the other hand, tempting enough to attract competition. And you have seen how fast players get multiplied in any new category that has potential. Thus, it becomes extremely important to take the first mover advantages as fast as possible. We invest our expertise in building your business idea as a brand.

Wondering about how much we charge? Well, it’s quite simple. We genuinely appreciate an original idea with a strong potential. So we offer our services at unbelievably low cost. Not only because we understand that any start-up has a budget crunch, we also understand the potential and wish to be a part of the journey that leads to success. 

An astute financier or investor also has a similar perspective, isn’t it?

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