Dil Chaska Case Study

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How Dil Chaska was rediscovered with the Help of Way Forward

A Pune-based handcrafted taste of love, launched by the saas-bahu duo Kiran & Neha, presenting a range of flavoured pickles sautéed with passion & panache, from home, to your heart.

K.N Spices- The beginning

Initially the brand was known as K.N spices, uprooted from the initials of the makers, Kiran & Neha. In the crowded & competitive industry, K.N Spices needed an ear-catchy, easy-on-tongue & an ingenious brand name.

A name that reflect
The passion of Kiran & Neha (The Makers)
The product or the product’s feature

Introducing Dil Chaska

A coined terminology of DILCHASP & CHASKA. The name is every feeling pickles and masalas offer. The indigenous touch to the name also showcases the originality every pickle holds. The subtle message of DIL KA CHASKA also expresses the feeling one gets from the pickle. Not just the consumers, the name also suggests that the person behind the products makes it from the heart and crave to make more & more.
As it was a startup, the packaging, branding, social media presence & the point of sale during Pandemic was the first puzzle for Way Forward to solve.
So, first thing first, Way Forward analysed the gaps and developed the tool kit for Dil Chaska to Relaunch with a brand new identity. From digital presence to Packaging to Branding everything was covered in this phase.

Crafting the USP

Before rolling in with the generic marketing tool kit, Way Forward did a ground research and Analysed the current Pickle market.
From the shelf to digital stores, every aspect was considered. The conclusion was interesting as well as challenging, as the Pickle industry is crowded with both, organised and unorganised brands. Every brand was claiming the taste of motherly/old age recipe or region specific taste from Sindh, South India etc. In this overcrowded market, Way Forward analysed the USP of Dil Chaska as well as the Gap in market.

Few of the research Highlights

The pioneer brand’s focuses on the price factor. The colour of this industry is Yellow, Green, Red, All the brands are banking either on Mother/Grandma recipe or curating region-specific taste (for example Sindh, South India etc.) Mostly the common flavours are Mango, Lemon, Chilli. Targeting families only, especially women.
Looking at the larger picture, Way Forward Reversed the funnel and focused on the aesthetics of the product to make it stand out from the competitor. Breaking the rules of colour which was favoured by the industry for ages.
Furthermore, a unique brand personality was created under”Crave The Hatke’, declaring that Dil Chaska is not just another pickle brand serving Mango, Lemon, Chilli. It is here to bring something new on the shelf from- JackFruit Pickle to Garlic Pickle and much more.

Way Forward
Creating a perception is not a day job. It needs consistency. To take the Hatke perception forward, The Way Forward crafted a consistency plan. A bible for the brand to follow it for forever.

The Results

The new packaging has already created a buzz. Every customer is impressed with the brand new feel of Dil Chaska.

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