What is a Social Media Kit in Branding?

Today, brands and their marketing are not restricted to print, television, or radio anymore. With the advancement of the internet, it has become way easier to reach a large number of people, and that too at very small costs. Hence, it has become important for brands to create and maintain a steady internet presence to stay connected to the masses and maintain their brand image.

This is possible via strong social media platforms where you can reach millions of people from a single source and introduce and engage them with your brand. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and all other social media platforms have become popular marketing destinations for brands.

But all these platforms require different kinds of content marketing. So how do brands ensure uniformity across all these different platforms? By creating a social media kit.

What is a social media kit?

Simply put, a social media kit is a collection of digital material like content, pictures, blogs, etc, for different social media accounts of a brand. It’s a collection of digital material that includes the information needed to run successful social media & digital marketing campaigns for a brand.

 A social media kit will provide you with a variety of content to post for multiple social media platforms and ensure a standard brand identity across all those platforms. A standard social media kit includes a brand log, profile pictures of different dimensions, cover pictures, and other custom graphics of your brand for different social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

A social media kit also comprises the different sizes, designs, and templates needed for all your social media accounts & marketing. It helps easy social media image designs and usually contains the following:

  • Twitter header image
  • Tweet Image template
  • Facebook share template
  • Instagram posts templates
  • Pinterest template and more
Why do you need a social media kit?

Different brands require different types of content marketing and have different platform guidelines and users. In order to make the best use of each of these platforms, brands need to mold their content in a way that fits these platforms and can reach the right audience. So, in order to maintain brand uniformity and establish a unique identity on all these platforms, a brand needs a social media kit.

Additionally, you must have a social media kit for the following reasons-

  • It gives you the opportunity to present yourself as you want to be seen
  • Create a unique look& feel of the brand
  • Helps establish a unique brand identity
  • Helps users to easily identify your brand
  • Save time on brainstorming campaigns and ideas
  • Create social media posts in less time
  • Standardize templates for social media posts
  • Utilize any social media platform for marketing

Having a social media kit is crucial for brands that what to make the most of social media marketing. This kit will help the brands by standardizing their brand logo, identity, design, and templates across the various platforms so that the brand can easily stand out from its online competitors.

Designing different content for different platforms can be time-consuming. This is often a huge problem for brands that have just started experimenting with social media marketing. And for this reason, it’s wise for brands to create a social media kit in the beginning. By standardizing templates for all online content and identities, brands can save a lot of time.

However, creating a brand social media kit is a lengthy process that requires a lot of creative and strategic thinking, keeping in mind all the aspects of the brand as well as it goals and objectives. That’s why brands often use the services of professional digital marketing agencies to create their media kits.

At Way Forward, we channel our resources to first understand your brand and its ideologies and then create a social media kit that best portrays it. Our primary process includes designing a brand logo, social media templates, and other graphic elements that will help establish your brand on various platforms.