Beverage Brands

The distinctly noticeable brand has the ability to attract customers, it also creates a willingness to buy that brand’s product. However, the degree of brand’s awareness level correlates to the potential of a successful brand.

The industry of beverages, with its products range from milk to soft drinks and all the way to wines, is constantly trying to win customers with countless or almost identical products. They also influence the customers willingness to buy more at higher prices. Nearly all beverage brands suffer from the same problem. However, there are some players in the market who successfully manage to achieve a significant price and volume premium, like the Coco-Cola or a Red Bull, for instance. The partial success of these kind of brand are the regular, evident blind taste tests. All the beverage producers have evolved over the years and are very well known, these brands also fall into the category of attractive bands.
How does these bands, become a valuable brand? Well, not because of superficial marketing, campaigns that are colourful, slogans that are creative or by a new logo – they become famous by conveying their true value which are clearly based on the positioning of the brand in the market. Like Coco-Cola stands for – JOY, or Red Bull stands for – BOUNDLESS FREEDOM, which is been proven time and again, till date.
With this sort of a clear direction, these brands give their customers and orientation amid with overabundance, and also [provide an additional benefit beyond the product, for which the customers are willing to pay the worth, because they associate the brand with positive preconceptions.